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Is it Really a Bad Day, or a Bad Moment?

I recently made a TikTok video that literally went VIRAL (at the time of posting this entry, I had 1.4 M Views). It was INSANE! I had only had one other video that had gone viral, and that was me joking about motherhood. (Something I typically do LOL). The responses I received were overwhelmingly loving, supportive, and empowering. However, some of the responses left my heart bleeding for some of my followers. One young lady responded, "You saved my life, thank you for this message today." Out of the 10,000 comments that were left on that post, that particular comment left an imprint on my heart. How many people did I personally know, were struggling with a "bad moment" and were allowing it to not only affect their day but their entire lives?!

"Is it a bad day or just a bad moment?"

I've been there so many times. I would lose count of fingers and toes of "bad days" that I have had.

-Ended a Relationship/Friendship="Bad Day"

-Lost that job/opportunity="Bad Day"

-Lost a loved one="Bad Day"

-Became a single mom="Bad Day"

-Was betrayed by someone I cared about="Bad Day"

and the list can go on and on. It wasn't until another "Bad Day" that it honestly hit me. On this particularly bad day, you could say I lost it all. I had just ended my relationship, and I was desperately trying to push forward on closing on a new home all of a sudden BY MYSELF. Literally, I had a call from my realtor on that day, that all of my paperwork was put in for the wrong address of my new construction home. Everything would have to be put on hold before I could move. Which essentially would make me and my daughter without a place to live for a week (maybe more). WHEW! Looking back, that was a TERRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY! I'm a crier, (Judge ya mama not me) so I sat in the middle of my empty rental house and sobbed. Nothing was going right, but then, like a whisper from God, He asked me, "Is it a bad day, or a bad moment?"

When I started to reevaluate, I realized that no it wasn't a "bad day," but it sure did have some BAD MOMENTS. I still had breath in my body, a phone to call family and friends to vent to, my daughter was alive and well, and I still had a job to go to. Now, this isn't everyone's situation, I'm well aware of that. Some bad moments are really tough to get through. Some "Bad Moments" keep hitting back to back. But, let me ask you this, is it an entirely "BAD LIFE" or a "Moment" in your life that was bad? & more importantly, what did you do to try to make it better, if possible? My hope is that you can look on the positive side of things when days, and sometimes life, has really crappy bad moments. We sometimes take the basic things in life for granted, while there are others all around the WORLD who are GRATEFUL for the little they have. Changing my mindset instantly made me re-evaluate things and pushed me to start being grateful for the GOOD that did happen that day. It also pushed me to try to figure out what was in my power to turn my "Bad Moment," into a good one. So I adjusted, I made other plans, I made phone calls, and I got the ball rolling on what my next move was.

See, the thing about having "Bad Moments" is that it can eat you alive. It can cause you to stop and give up. But, when you realize all the things you could be grateful for and focus on those things, YOUR MINDSET CHANGES, and you get that extra push to just keep going.

To literally "GO CONQUER THE DAY!"

There is not enough time in this world to waste on "bad moments" when there's so much more to be grateful for. Be grateful for life, be grateful for the memories shared, be grateful that God severed that tie to someone toxic, and be grateful to be able to see a new day. Cherish each moment of your life because you can't get it back. I know it's a lot easier said than done. (Trust me, I'M STILL STRUGGLING). But, try this mindset and see how "Bad Days" really aren't that bad, and how "Bad Moments" don't last always!

Alright, I love you beloved, now go out and Conquer the Day!


Mama Lo

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