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It Happens So Fast...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Most days I find myself sitting in Haizlee’s room. Looking at old toys, looking at her bed that is no longer a crib, but a toddler bed. I look around and realize how we’ve escalated from baby teething toys to now everything is about Cocomelon and Minnie Mouse. I find myself saying, "Wow, it happened so fast." I can’t believe that my daughter will be two in a short span of five months. I look back over the last year and a half and wonder where did the time go? When did my small baby who needed me for everything for every waking moment, turn into a striving, beautiful, independent, and sassy toddler. It is the saddest yet most exciting feeling that I have ever experienced. I wish I could make time stop, but I also understand how selfish that is.


In the short amount of time that we have shared together we’ve been through so many highs and lows. She’s experienced everything that I’ve experienced: happiness, sadness, loss, mourning, excitement, glee and most of all love. And she’s done all this with me in a short one year, nine months. But as I sit in her room and look at all of the things that we have built together I have to remind myself that things happen so fast. Pretty soon she won’t be trying to look at Minnie Mouse or even deal with Cocomelon. She’ll be starting school running around with new friends. Her independence will grow and she won’t be depending on Mommy for much anymore. The interest will no longer be Cocomelon or Minnie Mouse but, "Who is that fine boy from my chemistry class?" It will happen so fast and literally in the blink of an eye. So, I guess the reason I sit in my daughter's room is to soak up the time that I do have.

-The time where she will be relying on me.

-The time where independence is still growing but she still looks in searches for mommies go ahead.

-The time that I can cradle her in my arms.

-The time that I get to cherish, where she enjoys giving mommy a kiss good night and a big huggie.

I sit and cherish these moments because I know moments are fleeting. For every mama who’s reading this post, remember that it happens so fast. Take the time to soak it in. Even on the frustrating days, because pretty soon You won’t be able to cradle that little one anymore. That little baby that fits in your lap will be too large, and you could probably sit in theirs. Cherish these moments, go sit in the room, sniff a blanket, hold a toy, but please don’t be sad. Try to find it in your heart to be excited. Even as frightening and as scary as this world is,

FIND JOY in knowing that you are raising another amazing human being.

FIND COMFORT that God will direct their path.

& FIND PEACE in knowing that you will always be their "mommy" no matter how old they get.

So take the time to sit and soak it all in because it literally happens so fast.

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